Hello World!

If you have found this page you likely have an interest in voiceover work as either a voiceover artist or someone in need of voiceover talent. If the former, welcome fellow travelever! If the later, you are in luck because I am someone who can provide you with exactly what you need.

Hi, my name is Desmond. I am a voiceover artist who can provide you with the highest quality product using the highest quality tools.

There is a FAQ that answers many of the questions to follow but heck, informing is easy.

What Equipment Do You Use?

I record my voiceover work using industry standard equipment: A Sennheiser MK 416 microphone and professional preamp/audio interface. There are also Zoom and Tascam field recorders in use with the Sennheiser if I am mobile.

What Is Your Average Turn Around?

Average turnaround is 24hrs. (Often half or less)

What sort of Voiceover Work Do You Do?

Many different genres; audiobooks, explainer videos, documentaries, and much, much more!

Published by D. Manny

Photographer. Writer. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

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