Voiceover Dispatch, September 13th 2017

Title 9-13-17

Voiceover Dispatch; September 13th, 2017

I’m a few days into the audiobook production of a novella, and that has me thinking about the things I enjoy about long form narration…and some things I don’t.

One thing that anyone who has recorded an audiobook for eventual purchase knows that, pardon the cliche, it’s a marathon, not a race.

Rushing inevitably leads to mistakes that could have been avoided which means recording pickups, which means that time you thought you were saving you really didn’t save at all.

If you can’t find it in you to work efficiently, but still have a little patience, then recording an audiobook is going to be a very frustrating experience for you. The good news is it gets easier with practice like any skill, and that’s heartening.

Because long form narration like audiobooks can be really rewarding. While the author has created a whole world on the written page, it’s up to you to bring it alive vocally. This is one reason that communication between the writer and the vocal talent is so important; the talent provides a performance, but it has to be true to the writer’s vision.

Which is one of the main things I like about it. It’s a chance to inhabit several characters and paint an aural picture with your voice. I know, that sounds lofty, but it’s true as anyone who’s tried to listen to a bad audiobook can tell you.


When it’s done well, however then you’ve got happiness all around; the writer, the audience, and the voice talent.

Personally, I’m happy whenever I get to be a part of that joy pyramid.

I guess all this is just in aid of saying I love what I do, and really appreciate the people who give me such exciting opportunities. That goes beyond playing with the cool gear and getting paid.

Thanks for listening during this brief indulgence, we’ll talk again soon.

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