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Foxes, Leopards, and XLR cables

This post will see another addition to my Aesop’s Fables practice narration series. I can’t stress enough how voiceover, like any activity, requires daily practice. Mastery comes at the cost of repetition. It isn’t glamorous, often it isn’t even what you’d call “fun”. It is however necessary.


Secondly, I want to take a minute to talk about XLR cables. When you get into voiceover you have your initialĀ costs of microphones, pre-amps, room treatments, vocal booths, or whatever gets you where you need to be to put out quality audio. One area that many try to save a dollar or two on is XLR cables. I just want to say, don’t do it. The XLR cable is the link between your microphone and whatever interface you are using. That link needs to the be the best it can or the most expensive microphone can still sound like it has flies buzzing around inside it. I learned this the hard way and want to spare you the pain.

The first XLR cables I got were good. The second set, not so much, because I tried to save a little cash. Which meant I ended up spending more than I would have than if I’d just bought a premium pair. I won’t mention name brands because I’m not sponsored and your needs might not be my needs. However, the difference between the “good” XLR cables and the new premium ones is substantial. Not to get too technical but substantial means a noise floor reduction of about -10db. I approve.

So don’t overlook any part of your audio chain when trying to produce really clean and great audio. Every link counts, and every little bit helps.

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