An Unfair Comparison

With Christmas just past I’m buckling down on a couple of projects due before the end of the year, including the recording of a horror anthology for Stitched Smile Publications, an indie press. Really good stuff.

I have to admit that the temptation was very strong this season to supplement my trusty Sennheiser MKH 416. I’ve used condenser microphones exclusively so there remains that little bit of curiosity of what a dynamic microphone might add to my arsenal. Something like the Electro-Voice RE20.

Being engaged in voiceover work there’s no denying that the microphone does matter. The idea of getting what you pay for is fairly relevant as well, but mostly on the low to mid-range end. In my opinion, once you reach a certain level of microphone there is a degree of diminishing returns.

Just for laughs though I made a comparison between my 416 and a Neweer NW-800, one of a pair I bought this past summer to teach my niece a little about creating a podcast. These are recordings made quick in an untreated room and without EQ. I think you would have to agree there’s still a fairly obvious difference between a microphone costing roughly $20 and one costing around $999.


Sennheiser MKH-416

Neweer NW-800

To me it seems pretty obvious which I would rather listen to for a long period of time, say the length of an audiobook. However, as you get up into some of the mid-level microphones the difference becomes much less noticeable. It’s no difficult task to find a suitable microphone for voiceover at lower price points than the 416. Which is good news once your bitten by the microphone bug and start to fill your collection.

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