Recent Release: Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Audiobook narration is something I really enjoy. As a voracious reader and sometimes writer its pretty obvious that I love a good tale. Within the genre of audiobook narration for voiceover talent, I have a special fondness for anthologies and short story collections. Which brings me to a recent release on Audible that I was pleased to produce.

Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer is a collection of seven short stories of the fantastic, the macabre, and the sublime. While I, perhaps with a little bias, think all of the stories are pretty fantastic I think listeners will find two tales particularly enjoyable.

Lean Season finds a group of people in a Pacific Northwest dinner confronted with remarkable events and the consequences of their own characters.

Coffin Road is a snapshot of a world you can almost recognize and a brief journey into fantasy.

I enjoyed reading and bringing to life both of these stories and I hope those who listen will take as much pleasure from the experience as I did.

Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer, narrated by Desmond Manny is available now through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


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