You hear it all the time. From that fast food ad on the radio, to that thrilling audiobook you just couldn’t stop listening to. These and many more applications are proof of effective voiceover.

It’s possible that you have a project or endeavor that would benefit from a professional and engaging voiceover.

Desmond Manny is an experienced voiceover talent who can provide you with exactly what you need to make your next project more engaging and appealing to a wide audience.

Professionalism and quality are always at the forefront of voiceover work produced, as well as a dogged determination to make sure the client is just as satisfied as the intended audience will be.

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Looking forward to working with you!

Commercial 30sec
The Balance by Kev Harrison
From the Collected Short Fiction of John R Little Vol 2
Skin Factory by Lucas Pederson
Excerpt from: The Machine
Excerpt from: The Seers Child
From the Collected Short Fiction of John R Little Vol. 2