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Recent Release: Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Audiobook narration is something I really enjoy. As a voracious reader and sometimes writer its pretty obvious that I love a good tale. Within the genre of audiobook narration for voiceover talent, I have a special fondness for anthologies and short story collections. Which brings me to a recent release on Audible that I was… Continue reading Recent Release: Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

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The Weekly Aesop

For a little while now I've been making a weekly recording of one of Aesop's Fables. I've mentioned this before. The main purpose is to both allow me to have some fun and variety with my warm-up for the day's voiceover session, and consider some of the morals that Aesop's Fables impart. This week I… Continue reading The Weekly Aesop

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An Unfair Comparison

With Christmas just past I'm buckling down on a couple of projects due before the end of the year, including the recording of a horror anthology for Stitched Smile Publications, an indie press. Really good stuff. I have to admit that the temptation was very strong this season to supplement my trusty Sennheiser MKH 416.… Continue reading An Unfair Comparison

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Foxes, Leopards, and XLR cables

This post will see another addition to my Aesop's Fables practice narration series. I can't stress enough how voiceover, like any activity, requires daily practice. Mastery comes at the cost of repetition. It isn't glamorous, often it isn't even what you'd call "fun". It is however necessary. Secondly, I want to take a minute to… Continue reading Foxes, Leopards, and XLR cables

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Narration Sample: The Crow & the Pitcher

No dispatch this week. I'm dealing with an instance of "Hurry up, and wait" while my latest production for ACX is taking its own sweet time to go through QA. Fortunately, I have enough to keep me busy. Not least of which is this very quick narration (under a minute). It's from Aesop's Fables; The… Continue reading Narration Sample: The Crow & the Pitcher

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Voiceover Dispatch, September 13th 2017

Voiceover Dispatch; September 13th, 2017 I'm a few days into the audiobook production of a novella, and that has me thinking about the things I enjoy about long form narration…and some things I don't. One thing that anyone who has recorded an audiobook for eventual purchase knows that, pardon the cliche, it's a marathon, not… Continue reading Voiceover Dispatch, September 13th 2017