Narrtion: Merry Christmas, Mrs. Robinson

Narrating short fiction is always exciting and fun. While not as much of a marathon as narrating an audiobook, the challenges are much the same. Short fiction narration requires the same decisions to be made regarding performance. This is a very brief piece of narration I hope you will enjoy.

Recent Release: Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Audiobook narration is something I really enjoy. As a voracious reader and sometimes writer its pretty obvious that I love a good tale. Within the genre of audiobook narration for voiceover talent, I have a special fondness for anthologies and short story collections. Which brings me to a recent release on Audible that I wasContinue reading “Recent Release: Seven Tales (of Blood and Beauty) by Wayne Kyle Spitzer”

An Unfair Comparison

With Christmas just past I’m buckling down on a couple of projects due before the end of the year, including the recording of a horror anthology for Stitched Smile Publications, an indie press. Really good stuff. I have to admit that the temptation was very strong this season to supplement my trusty Sennheiser MKH 416.Continue reading “An Unfair Comparison”

Voiceover Dispatch, September 13th 2017

Voiceover Dispatch; September 13th, 2017 I’m a few days into the audiobook production of a novella, and that has me thinking about the things I enjoy about long form narration…and some things I don’t. One thing that anyone who has recorded an audiobook for eventual purchase knows that, pardon the cliche, it’s a marathon, notContinue reading “Voiceover Dispatch, September 13th 2017”